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Steve Rhodes, a life-long Floridian, has had an impeccable career and has received multiple accolades over the last three and a half decades, view my credentials here. He graduated from the University of Florida with a BS in psychology, in 1976. After military service, he studied chiropractic medicine at Life Chiropractic College in Marietta, Georgia. He returned to Florida shortly thereafter and has been practising in the greater Jacksonville area since 1981.

Dr. Rhodes has received post-graduate training and participated in symposia on low back pain and spinal manipulation under anaesthesia at Harvard University, the Lincoln Surgery Center in New Jersey, and elsewhere.

Dr. Rhodes has developed patented innovations that have helped thousands of patients in pain. One invention in particular is the Rhodes MRI device and Rhodes Procedure guiding its use, now practised by many imaging facilities. His invention has been studied and published in a large number of medical journals, enabling others to learn his techniques.

Steve Rhodes's 36 year career has been carefully carried out with integrity and compassion. In addition to delivering quality chiropractic care, Dr. Steve has done much charity work, he has been an investigating physician with colleagues at Shands Jacksonville, UF School of Medicine, he has been a trainer and consultant for a wide range of diagnostic imaging centers regarding the Rhodes Procedure, and he has been an expert witness in personal injury cases.

Dr. Rhodes now maintains his practice at Ocean View Chiropractic. His practice includes a variety of therapeutic modalities such as electrical muscle stimulation, ultrasound, traction, and massage. In this relaxing environment, clients can view the waves breaking from 7 stories up.

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