Jacksonville Beach Auto Injury Chiropractor

Have you recently been injured in a car accident? Are you suffering from whiplash, or chronic neck or back pain as the result of an auto injury? Dr. Steven Rhodes and Ocean View Health can help. Ocean View Health is a multidisciplinary practice that treats a wide range of ailments, from migraines to sciatica, and we offer services like physical rehab and medically managed weight loss. However, as chiropractic practitioners, our specialty is dealing with problems related to the spine, which makes us a natural choice for people suffering from whiplash or other automobile-related injuries. Dr. Rhodes is an expert in spinal health, and personally treats many medical professionals for spinal problems.

Located in Jacksonville Beach with a beautiful view of the Atlantic Ocean, we have helped hundreds of patients recover from their auto injuries. The most common type of injuries that result from auto accidents are Whiplash-Associated Disorders. Whiplash occurs when a patient’s neck is abruptly thrown back as the result of a sudden impact, and then whipped forward as the car accelerates. This can cause hyperextension, which puts enormous strain on the bones, nerves, muscles, and tendons of the neck, resulting in a wide variety of painful injuries to the neck, spine, and shoulders.

As a chiropractor, Dr. Rhodes primarily treats Whiplash-Associated Disorders through spinal manipulation. This involves the gentle movement and manipulation of the involved joint to help improve alignment and relax the surrounding tissues. With whiplash-related injuries, there is a serious potential for the development of chronic pain disorders. Early chiropractic intervention is one of the most effecting preventative treatments to reduce the risk of whiplash pain becoming chronic.

If you are suffering from an auto injury, make an appointment to at Ocean View Health in Jacksonville Beach today!