Dr. Steven Rhodes | Ocean View Health

An Open Letter to My Patients and Friends:

As you all know, I grew up in Jacksonville and have practised in different parts of the city since 1981. Up until about 2 years ago, I had an unblemished record and an unmatched commitment to excellent patient care.

In April 2014, I was arrested for purported insurance fraud. The complaint against me was dismissed and I was never charged, but the highly public arrest, involving two Florida insurance fraud investigators and 8 uniformed police officers, has left a mark on my career and life.

I have spent the last two years investigating the root of the complaint against me and that arrest.

My investigation has revealed that some people decided to get me, personally and professionally, by fabricating an elaborate set of lies, alleging that my practice billed for services that were not performed. Any competent investigation would have exposed the lies, but few are interested in the truth.

I have begun to correct this injustice, and have brought a lawsuit for defamation against some of those involved. As the lawsuit progresses, I will be putting documents about the lawsuit and its resolution on my website, so anyone who is interested can appreciate what transpired.

I wanted to reach out to my patients, friends, and family to thank them for their voices and strong arms of support throughout this difficult period. I also want to let everyone know that I am still practising at Ocean View Health, and am looking forward to helping patients as I always have.

Very truly yours,

Steven L. Rhodes, DC